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As you should all know by now, we care a lot about our planet and its eco-system. Now more than ever, it needs our help, We are constantly adapting and renewing our business strategies, product shipping and packing methods to ensure we leave behind the smallest footprint possible.

All of our packaging is plastic free, and we try to use recycled/recyclable
materials when we can.


Natural Dying

Natural Dyeing 

We mainly naturally dye our fabric in Indonesia. We are extremely proud to work with a sustainable natural dyeing factory. Basically how it works is our fabrics are dyed in small batches using plant based dyes made from tree bark and leaves that are grown on their farms. The process begins by cutting bark or leaves into small pieces that are fermented in boiling water. The fabrics are dyed in small batches, once they finish the dying process, they compost all of the leftover plant scraps. The factory uses zero-waste, sustainable practices to create their dyes. 


Sustainability is an important asset to our brand, and it encompasses everything that we feel the world should move towards. For us at Moanna, it is a constant topic of conversation. We understand that becoming sustainable is a process, and we have started by ensuring that Moanna is completely plastic free.. We try to be mindful in the way that we source, manufacture and sell our products. We only produce our items in small batches and we believe in minimal consumption, which is why we only aim for 1-3 collections per year..With help from local artisans and small village workshops we ensure there are less harmful emissions polluting our planet.

However, there is always more to be done and we don’t pretend to be perfect.

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Doing that extra bit of good.

A percentage of every purchase is donated to a very special charity, Metamorfosa. This organisation focuses on replanting corals and trees around Bali. By repopulating the coral reefs they maintain the corals ecosystem, and also it's inhabitants and all of the wonderful sea creatures that rely on the oceans reefs.

To read more about METAMORFOSA, click here

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