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Hello to our wonderful Moanna community.

As you should all know by now, we care a lot about our planet and 
its eco-system. Now more than ever, it needs our help, We are 
constantly adapting and renewing our business strategies, product shipping and packing methods to ensure we leave behind the smallest 
footprint possible.

All of our packaging is plastic free, and we try to use recycled/recyclable
materials when we can.



Sustainability is an important asset to our brand, and it encompasses everything that we feel the world should move towards. For us at Moanna, it is a constant topic of conversation. We understand that becoming sustainable is a process, and we have started by ensuring that Moanna is completely plastic free.. We try to be mindful in the way that we source, manufacture and sell our products. We only produce our items in small batches and we believe in minimal consumption, which is why we only aim for 1-3 collections per year..With help from local artisans and small village workshops we ensure there are less harmful emissions polluting our planet.

However, there is always more to be done and we don’t pretend to be perfect.


You: That’s not even the best part?

Us: No!

A percentage of every purchase is donated to a planet saving charity. These organisations are making strides to do great things for the planet and all living things on it. 

Summer + Ed x

It’s not enough to operate as sustainably as possible, so we also invest in programs that offset the emissions we’ve created.

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