Material: palm leaf



This extremely trendy mesh bag, handwoven out of palm leaf rope is so versatile, it can be used for absolutely anything. Carry your laptop as you rush to meetings, take it to the beach to store your sandy items or use it during plastic-free trips to the market. It takes so little space and weight that you can always have it on you in case of need. Show off its contents through the open design or use the included dust bag if you wish to keep them secret. Choose between the regular and braided/plaited straps.



100% handwoven palm leaf


Care & Wear:

The bag will naturally soften over time and its colour might fade or darken as often happens with natural materials. Treat it with love: store in its dust bag and avoid crowding it when it’s in storage to help maintain its shape. If the bag gets squashed or folded, spray lightly with water and reshape it carefully. 


Please note:

All our bags are 100% handmade which means that small variations in the design, size, colour and fastenings may occur. Those differences caused by the handcrafted nature of the goods make each piece unique and are one of the reasons we love them so much!



This piece is made with 100% sustainable materials, this product has been handmade in Bali and by buying it you’re supporting the local Indonesian artisans who deserve fair compensation for their magnificent work.

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