Sustainable vs ethical: shopping consciously?

In today's climate it has become more and more of a focal point for consumers to be shopping mindfully. Whether you are shopping with a small independent brand that has sustainability at the root of their ethos, or you only shop pre-loved, or at stores that off-set their carbon emissions, you will be doing your part to ensure the world is able to heal itself.

What does shopping sustainably actually mean?

If a brand claims to be sustainable, it means that their primary focus is on the care of the environment. This can involve reducing the use of plastic, or offsetting your carbon footprint. There are several other ways that a brand might look to operate more sustainably, usually this will be publicised in their 'About' section. Or in our case, 'Brand' section.

How is Moanna sustainable?

Moanna is on a journey to being more sustainable. As of now, we currently run plastic free. Our Abode products are dispatched in sugarcane compostable mailers, and our Apparel is packed in recyclable paper mailers.

In April 2020 we became the official partners of Metamorfosa. An organisation in the north west region of Bali, that focuses on repopulating the forests and coral reefs around Bali. Not only do we give our customers the opportunity to directly purchase their own piece of coral or tree, but we also donate a portion of our profits at the end of our financial year towards this project, thus offsetting our carbon emissions.