Slowly, over the years, I have been moving the products I buy over to natural alternatives. With each switch, I’m more convinced than ever of how important it is to eliminate any chemicals we can from our lives and homes. Here are five happy changes that occurred for me, that might for you too…

  • Goodbye to acne! When I switched to a natural skin care line, my face cleared up and I no longer had a constant struggle with zits.

  • Goodbye to headaches! Every time I tidied up, I would get awful headaches breathing in the chemicals from my cleaning supplies. I would also start coughing, especially if I was in a small space. Once I started cleaning with toxin free products, I was able to clean with no reactions and enjoy natural scents.

  • Goodbye to sensitive teeth! It took me a while to find a natural alternative toothpaste I love and felt worked well. When I did, the pain and sensitivity I was experiencing stopped.

  • Goodbye diaper rashes! Where are my mamas at?! I constantly struggled with my older two kids getting diaper rashes as babies. With our youngest, we splurged to get the pure alternatives for diapers and wipes. Not once in my daughter’s two and a half years has she had a diaper rash, and I 100% believe it’s because she has never had chemicals sitting on her sensitive skin.

  • Again, goodbye headaches! I would get immediate headaches from eating candy! It took me years to finally decide it wasn’t worth it. Thankfully, I found organic candy, and can occasionally enjoy it without the regret afterwards! While these brands still have plenty of sugar, they do not have the added food dyes and flavorings which are so damaging to our health.

It has been a journey switching over to natural and organic alternatives. Just when I think I’ve covered it all, I will find toxins hiding in something that we are using. But each little step is a big one towards a healthier lifestyle, and I’m so thankful for the happy results I’ve seen along the way.

Author: @kayandcrew