We appreciate that imperfections add to the charm and story, and we hope you agree.

Our designs are inspired by the simple bohemian styles of Bali, infused with other cultural styles 
from around the world.

Our items are all hand crafted in local workshops and villages, and we aim to source and manufacture our pieces as naturally and organically as possible. To achieve this we will opt to dye fabrics using mother nature’s organic materials, such as leaves, bark and spices.

All fabrics are locally sourced and are as natural and eco as possible. The soft materials we use for our clothing are perfect against sensitive skin, and the avoidance of chemical dye in favour of organic dyeing methods, means you will be dressed in the best and safest items.

Another benefit to our items being so organic, is their durability. Often our cottons and linens 
become softer and more comfortable with every wash.



Our conscious designs have been uniquely created to give the wearer the most comfort using only the best Linen, Viscose and Cotton that Bali has to offer.

Our homeware collection is carefully curated from several different countries around the world. All of which will add a touch of culture and something special to your home.

All of our items are handmade in local Balinese and Moroccan workshops. From our clothes to our cushions, every item tells a story. We love working with the locals.



Responsibly Made Products

We love Morocco and we love the people. We have managed to build a strong and personal relationship with a local supplier that allows us to bridge the gap between us in London and the Moroccan Berber villages. Our supplier works closely with our Moroccan artisan friends and helps to ensure that our relationship with them positively contributes to their business, family and community.

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