We appreciate that imperfections add to the charm and story, and we hope you agree.

 Our designs were first inspired by the simple bohemian styles of Bali. Now we take our inspiration from global cultures, and the simple boho styles of Bali have been infused with other cultural styles from all around the world.

Our items are all hand crafted in local workshops and villages, and we aim to source and manufacture our pieces as naturally and organically as possible. To achieve this we choose to dye our fabrics using mother nature’s organic materials, such as leaves, bark and spices.

All our fabrics are locally sourced and are as natural and eco as possible. The soft materials we use for our clothing are perfect against sensitive skin. The the avoidance of chemical dye in favour of organic dyeing methods, means you will be dressed in non-harmful fabrics.



Our conscious designs have been uniquely created to give the wearer the most comfort using only the materials that Bali has to offer.

Our homeware collection is carefully curated from several different countries around the world. All of which will add a touch of culture and something special to your home.

All of our items are handmade in local Balinese, Mexican and Moroccan workshops. From our clothes to our cushions, every item tells a story.

Responsibly Made Products

Our Makers

Our ideas wouldn't manifest if it wasn’t for the passion and talent of our partners around the world. We are so grateful to know and to partner with every single one of them. Since starting our brand in early 2020 we have carried out production in Indonesia, Morocco and Mexico. Our garments are made in small production workshops, houses and villages. We are enthusiastic about ensuring a safe, respectful and ethical working environment for all of our supply chains.


“I love working with small artisans and creators, building that intimate relationship with them, whereby we become more than a business relationship. We become friends” | Summer

Morocco | Village Weavers

We love Morocco and we love the people. We have managed to build a strong and personal relationship with a local supplier that allows us to bridge the gap between us in London and the Moroccan Berber villages. Our supplier works closely with our Moroccan artisan friends and helps to ensure that our relationship with them positively contributes to their business, family and community.

Indonesia | Pattern and Production Partners

My first garment manufacturer, Ananda, from Indonesia made making a design come to life from the other side of the world such an easy process. I was looking for someone who was great at interpreting what I wanted, and really listened to me and helped me. Ananda has a small family run business, which I adore. 

2020 was a tough year. It was hard to go through the fabric sourcing, design process, pattern making and final approval process all without the ability to travel to Indonesia. I feel lucky enough to work with people that are willing to make the process as seamless as possible.

Mexico | Traditional Weaving

We work with a beautiful woman in Mexico that works directly with a group of twelve Nahua artisan women that was formed thirty years ago. Together they strive to receive fair prices for their craft. This helps to guarantee better living conditions for their families and their community.

The material for our Mexican collection comes from the bark of an endemic tree in the Sierra Norte de Puebla, generally the artisans go to the mountains each month to collect the fiber, in order to soak it for 20 days and start weaving. The process is long, intricate and beautiful to watch.