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Moanna’s home decor and accessories have been carefully selected, from artisan workshops around the world, in order to bring a touch of exotic charm into your home.

The rustic and raw nature of our homeware products sets us apart from high street brands. Each handmade item is unique. Moanna’s aim is to support local manufacturers as much as possible.


Moanna aims to be ethical and sustainable. 

Many of our clothes are designed by us here in the UK, and made in Bali.

We partner with small workshops who share our ethos to be ethical and sustainable, All our items are handmade and are categorised as slow fashion.


Our limited and vintage collections inspire us so much. The pieces we source bring a sense of culture into the home and they come with such great historical and traditional value. 


Many of these pieces are sourced from several countries around the world, and some are found right here in the UK. 


They are all one offs and there is no guarantee the same items can be found again.

proud black owned business


I'm Summer, and in 2020 I started Moanna with my partner, Ed! Here's the story behind the brand.

Moanna is my middle name, made up and given to me by my mother. She combined my two grandmothers’ names, Mo and Anna to come up with a name that as a child, I always disliked.

When my mum took me travelling at the age of 6, we visited some of the Pacific islands including Hawaii. Here I discovered that my name "Moana" means "Ocean” in their native language.

It was then that I began to appreciate the name that was given to me.

When Ed and I began our travelling adventures at the age of 24, we were sidetracked by our need to bring all the decor and beauty of Asia back home with us. It was then that we decided to start a company and call it Moanna & Co. A name that means Ocean, a word that encompasses everything we want our brand to be and represent: freedom, travel, nature, and beauty.

Welcome to Moanna & Co


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